Robots could fill skills gap

Author: ross sturley cimcig

Up to 600,000 construction jobs could be replaced by new technology over the next two decades.

Mark Reynolds, Mace’s Chief Executive believes better training could boost industry productivity by £25bn

The prediction is part of a new report from Mace exploring how construction may need to change to meet the challenges of “Industry 4.0”

Industry 4.0 is the collective term for a range of technologies like cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and robotics that experts believe represent a new industrial revolution.

Mace said that a major re-skilling of the construction talent pool will be needed to cope with the tech revolution.

This may in fact be the solution to a problem - over half a million skilled workers are expected to leave the industry over the next decade, mainly through retirement. Without robots, we may not be able to build very much.

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