Social Marketing Group

Welcome to the Social Marketing Group.

Social marketing often gets confused with social media, but it is not the same. Although, the principles of commercial marketing still apply and communication has a big role to play the focus is different. Social marketing is about changing behaviour for the benefit of the consumer or society as a whole and developing a range of activities that do this.

CIM and the National Social Marketing Centre (NSMC) have a shared interest in social marketing and have formed a working partnership to develop and share our skills, experiences and knowledge with marketing practitioners, working in both the public and private sector.

We aim to share “best practice”, the latest news and provide opportunities to update your skills and knowledge and contribute the debate on the ethical dilemmas between how marketing can help sell products and grow businesses and the impact that has on social issues.

To join the Social Marketing Group, please call +44 (0) 1628 427120 to join.

Find out more about social marketing and the National Social Marketing Centre.



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