Call to arms for modernisation

Author: ross sturley cimcig

The Construction Leadership Council has today published Mark Farmer’s independent review
of the sector’s labour model.

The review examines the shortcomings of the construction labour model and shows how it has
given rise to underinvestment in training and development, innovation,and in raising productivity.

It concludes that workforce attrition, exacerbated by an ageing workforce, means that there is now a fundamental imperative for change.

The report challenges the sector to do things differently – to reduce the reliance on building in
the same way that we have for decades, with its heavy demand for on-site labour. 

This is a challenge for all stakeholders –the industry, its clients, and government.  The
report’s recommendations focus on finding and unlocking the drivers of change, including
action to support predictability of demand, and on leadership to own the change. The
Leadership Council has a key role to play here, though it crucially depends on the industry and
its clients joining the journey.

Chair of the Leadership Council, Andrew Wolstenholme said: “The Construction Leadership Council is hugely grateful for the detailed insight Mark Farmer has brought to this task. The construction sector plays an important role in the UK’s economic success. There never has been a better time to invest in infrastructure but it is clear we have reached a tipping point and that construction cannot go on as we are if we are to deliver the essential homes and infrastructure that the UK needs.”

Industry Minister Jesse Norman said:“This Government is determined to support more housebuilding, more quickly and in the places people want to live. Given the launch of the £3 billion Home Building Fund, Mark Farmer’s important review in this vital sector is very timely. It makes a strong case fo
r change in the industry, identifies areas where it needs to improve, and sets out areas for action. We
will now carefully consider his recommendations.”

Housing Minster Gavin Barwell said: “The construction industry is essential in delivering the Government’s ambitions to increase house building and improving the UK’s economic and social Infrastructure.  It is vital that the industry has the skilled workers it needs to get the job done.
That is why we are investing in apprenticeships with 3 million apprenticeships by 2020 and
launching the £3 billion Home Building Fund to support firms and small builders.”