Advanced knowledge for senior marketers

We are here to maintain and develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities of our members. Our focus is on strategy and organisational competitiveness at the leading edge of marketing knowledge.

We provide this advanced marketing knowledge in the way that senior marketers need it: with an emphasis on practical relevance and value-for-time.

Our intensive meetings let you question respected academics from top business schools and executives from admired companies.

Our podcasts capture the most sophisticated new ideas from marketing thought leaders and deliver it in easy-to-listen interview format.

And everything you do with us can be used to help you with your CPD.

To find out more, please look around the site and enquire about membership.

The Levitt Group is only open to senior, qualified members of CIM. To join, you need either to be a Chartered Marketer, a Fellow of CIM or a graduate of the CIM's intensive diploma programme. Find out more about CIM's membership.

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The Knowledge

The Knowledge is an interview with an invited thought leader on alternate months. Succinct, relevant and valuable, it is an essential listen. An archive of previous interviews is available to members in podcast formats.

Listen to Episode 16 of The Knowledge Interviews:

Lucian Camp, the co-author of No Small Change: Why Financial Services Needs A New Kind of Marketing.  The Knowledge interviews, Episode 16.