CIM's new online GDPR course

Author: CIM TG

Introducing our new online GDPR training course, developed with data privacy experts.


GDPR requires a focus on accumulating and processing legally compliant personal data, enabling you to target an engaged customer base, with more personalised journeys. As this is likely to result in a higher return on investment, GDPR provides marketers with a game-changing opportunity.

This online, interactive course provides guidance on how to ensure your marketing strategy and campaigns are compliant with the GDPR. It takes an in-depth look at the key areas that will have a direct impact on marketing. The course also explains the differences between B2B and B2C marketing and the challenges that GDPR poses to the marketing list industry.

Who should attend?

This online course is for anyone who works in marketing or wants to know how GDPR impacts the marketing industry.

Learning outcomes

  • The key elements of GDPR that affect marketers and the opportunity it provides
  • Compliant opt-ins and opt-outs with everything you need to know around consent
  • Best practice email, text and direct mail campaigns and learn how to keep people subscribed
  • How to treat legacy contacts if you have relied on consent as their legal basis
  • How B2C and B2B marketing differs
  • What ‘legitimate interest’ means and what to do if you are not sure that legitimate interest applies to you
  • Whether to rely on consent or legitimate interests as your legal grounds for processing personal data
  • The challenges GDPR poses to the marketing list industry and what the risks are for buyers of marketing lists

6 modules, 3 hours, 10% member discount.

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