About us

Change for good

The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s (CIM's) new business strategy highlights the organisation’s responsibility to deliver positive impact on society as the guardian of ethical professional marketing practice.

To support this responsibility the Charity Marketing Group and Social Marketing Group merged in September 2017 to create an integrated Special Interest Group to provide a cohesive and collaborative network focused on using marketing to create change for social good.

All marketing has the concept of exchange at its core, whether it is a financial exchange for a product or service, a philanthropic exchange in donating money to a charity for recognition or a social behaviour exchange in giving up smoking in order to be fit enough to play with your own child. All marketing techniques uses similar methodologies to achieve an exchange, where the difference lies in the implementation, objective and outcome.

The new Charity and Social Marketing Group will work with CIM to highlight the similarities and differences in how the power of marketing can create change for good within the public, private and third sector. The group is setting up an exciting programme of events and partnerships to raise the profile of a professional marketer with the aims to deliver the benefits and relevance of CIM across a range of sector organisations for career enhancement. Find out how you can join us.