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Publisher: The BIM hub

BIM Journal is a free online monthly newsletter.

Topic Building Information Modeling all BIM levels.

Uncovers emerging trends and showcases projects.

Frequency: Updated regularly
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Date added: 14/01/2013

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Adoption of BIM by Architects 2015 image

Adoption of BIM by Architects 2015

Publisher: Competitive Advantage Consultancy Ltd

Adoption of BIM by Architects 2015 will inform your BIM strategy so that you can provide effective technical support and engage with architects. The report is vital reading for any manufacturer about to develop a BIM offering, or already offering BIM content, and will provide impartial advice on subjects such as format of BIM content and where to host objects.

The report indicates how leading architects’ practices are implementing BIM, their requirements in terms of proprietary software, COBie, Product Data Templates and the use of Industry Foundation Classes or IFC. There is also feedback on the stage of the design process that they change from placeholder to manufacturer object.

It also lists the building product manufacturers they say provide the best support, providing the opportunity to imitate those organisations who are getting it right. In addition to the report we provide a listing of the practices interviewed and the level of BIM adoption, software used and preferences for BIM content.

More information can be found here.