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Record low for CIPS construction index

Posted on: 06/05/20 | ross sturley cimcig

Around 86% of the CIPS Purchasing Managers Index survey panel have reported a drop in activity since March, marking a record low for the construction industry, with rapid falls in all main areas of activity.


CLC issues new Covid-19 site guidance

Posted on: 16/04/20 | ross sturley cimcig

The Construction Leadership council has published a new set of guidance on working on site safely during the coronavirus outbreak. It also covers travel to and from work, and represents the industry taking control of this agenda, helping government keep the work moving that it is possible to.


CIC covid-19 survey

Posted on: 15/04/20 | ross sturley cimcig

The CIC want to canvass the opinion to see what people feel are likely to be the biggest issues for the construction sector following the end of the Coronavirus lockdown. Once the economy is turned back on again, some people fear that there may be a number of issues, that delay or at least hamper a quick return to productivity.