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Its time to engage (with the CCPI)

Posted on: 17/03/21 | Ian Exall CIMCIG

One of the few benefits of being old, and having a long career in the construction industry, is that you can often say that you’ve been there, done that, …. You know the rest. And in respect of the draft Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI), many of the recommendations are not new but best practice and in operation in some businesses today. The sad thing is, that it is terrible that we need the CCPI in the first place.


Better Data, Safer Building

Posted on: 10/03/21 | James Ellis CIMCIG

As chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group (CIMCIG) and a Marketing Professional who has worked in the Construction Industry for nearly 14 years, I waited with anticipation for the release of the industry consultation on the Code for Construction Product Information.