Professor Malcolm McDonald gives The Levitt Group Annual Lecture!

Author: Mark Baines Committee member

The 2018 Levitt Group Annual Lecture!

Wednesday 7 November 2018 at Mintel, 4 Playhouse Yard, LondonEC4V 5EX

One of the leading marketing academics of today, Professor Malcolm McDonald is famous for his erudite and engaging style. Join us as he gives our Annual Lecture on ‘Value Propositions’, an area in which he has been at the forefront of understanding and analysing.

About this event

A value proposition is an innovation or feature that clarifies a company's core purpose and identity.

According to McKinsey and others, value proposition is amongst the latest 'board room buzzwords' yet only a very small proportion of organisations have a value proposition and even fewer understand how to use it effectively.

The Levitt Group invites you to a masterclass with Malcolm McDonald, Emeritus Professor, Cranfield, and visiting Professor at Henley, Warwick, Aston and Bradford Business Schools – not to mention bestselling author of 46 books. You may already have “Marketing Plans; How to Prepare them, How to Use them” on your bookshelf!

Drawing on extensive industry experience working at the highest level with some of the largest multi-national organisations including IBM, Xerox and BP, Malcolm McDonald will explain why your organisation needs a financially quantified value proposition, how to create one, and how to implement it successfully, so that it delivers tangible results to the bottom line.

This masterclass is aimed at all senior marketers who would like to find out more about financially qualified value propositions and how to develop propositions that will resonate with customers.

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Malcolm McDonald's new book, due to be published on 03 October: 'Malcolm McDonald on value propositions: How to develop them, how to quantify them' retailing at £19.99. You'll also receive a voucher for 20% off other Kogan Page books. 

If you are a Chartered Marketer, Fellow or a CIM member undertaking CPD and you are not a member of the Levitt Group please contact the Membership team on +44 (0)1628 427120 or and ask this be added to your membership at no extra cost. 

Levitt Group members are encouraged to invite colleagues and clients to accompany them as guests who may find the event interesting and informative. To book your place on the event please contact the Network Support team on +44 (0)1628 427340. 

CPD category: Strategy

Duration: 2 hours

Registration and networking is from 18:15, the event starts at 19:00 and finishes at 21:00. If you are non-EU resident please call the Network Support team to make your booking.