The practical application of BIM explained

66 Queen Square is a new office development located in Bristol and was Skanska’s first BIM project in the UK, capitalising on BIM’s collaborative nature and visualisation capability to smoothly integrate the state-of-the-art office build with Queen Anne House.

Due to the project’s unique focus on supply chain, the project presented the ideal opportunity to position voestalpine Metsec plc as the leading light gauge structural steel manufacturer with BIM capability in the minds of structural design engineers, consultants, main contractors and architects.

As a great example of the practical application of BIM, we strongly believed video should play a key role in documenting such a project, filming and edited voestalpine Metsec’s first video case study. The video showcased the structural design support they provided as well as creating a 3D model of the infill walling solution.

Targeting structural design engineers and architects, the video was disseminated through the voestalpine Metsec website, social media channels alongside some limited online trade advertising. 

The video itself was sold into selected construction and architectural publications along with an extended written case study to expand upon the video content. The result of the project was the creation of an exemplary, multichannel digital campaign, broadcasting relevant, quality content targeted directly at structural engineers and architects.

By identifying and then creating a compelling central piece of content (in this case the case study video), we were able to successfully leverage and amplify it using our in-depth knowledge of the digital platforms available.

The results were truly breathtaking for a project of this nature, with the video receiving over 2,000 views in the first fortnight alone and becoming a key sales tool in the armoury of the voestalpine Metsec sales team. Most tellingly it was the highly targeted social media advertising that was particularly successful in driving video views, far outperforming online advertising from a cost per click/conversion perspective.


Author: Nick Gill, CIB Comms