CIM mentoring scheme

Author: Kenon Man

Are you looking for your next step or some advice on your next big project? Then CIM offer members a comprehensive mentoring scheme that matches aspiring marketing professionals to experienced mentors working within HE and FE.

Mentoring is a valuable tool for personal and professional development, as it provides individuals with guidance, support, and the opportunity to learn from experienced and knowledgeable individuals. 

Julia Weston, Head of Marketing and Communication at UCL Faculty of Life Sciences and Chair of CIM Higher and Further Education Group, has enjoyed coaching and mentoring and believes that 'supporting the training and development of staff in marketing roles in HE and FE is an important part of the work of the CIM Higher and Further Education Group’.

A mentor can provide valuable insight and advice on navigating the workplace and advancing in one's career. They can also help mentees identify and develop the skills and experiences needed to achieve their career goals.

A mentee commented, 'having a mentor really opened my eyes to the benefits of mentoring. Particularly, Julia helped me to process the things going on at my work and offered a different perspective and practical tips on how to approach things. I have the confidence to make certain decisions, especially those that directly affect my time management and prioritising. This learning has continued to positively impact my productivity and reduce my anxiety levels when it comes to approaching my work.'

Here are just a few of the benefits of mentoring:

  • Professional development: Mentors can help mentees develop new skills and knowledge and provide feedback and guidance on their work. They can also help mentees identify and address areas for improvement and set goals for professional growth.
  • Network building: Mentors can introduce mentees to their professional networks, leading to new job opportunities, collaborations, and other valuable connections.
  • Personal growth: Mentoring can help mentees improve their self-awareness, build self-confidence, and develop a stronger sense of purpose. A mentor can also help mentees navigate personal challenges and set goals for personal growth
  • Improved work performance: The guidance and support provided by a mentor can help mentees work more efficiently, make better decisions, and improve overall work performance.
  • Innovation and creativity: Mentors can provide new perspectives and ideas to mentees, which can help them think more creatively and innovatively.
  • Stronger relationships: Mentors can help mentees build stronger relationships with colleagues and other professionals in their field.
  • Increased job satisfaction: Mentees with a mentor typically report higher job satisfaction and greater fulfillment in their work.

Overall, mentoring can be a powerful tool for personal and professional development and help individuals achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

If you are a senior marketer looking to develop talent within your ranks or a junior marketer simply looking to develop your marketing career or to seek some advice, CIM can help support you. There are free mentoring articles online with key information about the mentoring scheme