About The Levitt Group

The Levitt Group is unique. Nothing else offers the same quality of content, the same value for time and money or the same networking opportunities.

Senior marketers, we believe, cannot afford to let their skills and knowledge rust. We need constantly to scan the marketing environment and find out what's new and relevant to our business and our career. The challenge is to do this in a manner that is affordable in both money and time.

That's why we exist. Our volunteers set out to find out what's new and to separate valuable, relevant content from the hype. We then deliver it to our members. We do this both through our Events and through The Knowledge, our regular podcast.

The Levitt Group is only open to senior, qualified members of CIM. To join, you need either to be a Chartered Marketer, a Fellow of CIM, a member who has joined the Chartered Marketer programme or a graduate of the CIM's intensive diploma programme.

CIM members can sign up to join The Levitt Group for news and event notifications by logging onto MyCIM and updating their preferences.
Select the groups you would like to hear more from in the preference centre under ‘industry interests’.

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